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Welcome to Our World

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our website. We know you probably share our passion for the natural world or you wouldn't have taken the time to visit. By way of introduction, I am Dave Bixler and this is my wife, Phyllis Murray. Although we do not share a last name, we do share a very exciting life.

Most of our photography takes place in the western United States and some of our most interesting friendships have been created along the way. We have found that whether you are photographers, visitors from another country or a family on vacation, we all share the common goal of enjoying nature in all its wonders. As John Muir said, "New beauty meets us at every step in all our wanderings."

If you would like to visit with us for any reason, you can contact us at the information below.

Phyl's Cell: 602-285-9930
Dave's Cell: 602-909-9990

E-Mail: dave@davebixler.com
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